Rooftop Solar

ACE views Rooftop Solar as having the most immediate potential for installation of solar panels.

We want to work with community organisations who are interested in having free solar panels installed on their roofs. The community organisation would receive fixed-cost cheap electricity during daylight hours and the co-op would receive the feed-in tariff to be used for local community benefit. The co-op would cover all installation, maintenance and legal costs.

Below is some information to explain why you may wish to consider a solar roof. For a more detailed explanation of how our rooftop solar arrangements work, please see the FAQ Page.

why Rooftop Solar?

an overview

What does rooftop solar offer your business?

Where do we start?

  • Lower energy bills: You would be looking at a saving of between 20 and 80% on current energy bills depending on the use of the buildings.
  • A better control over your energy use and the possibility of shaping your business to work with the energy available
  • Long-Term energy security over a period of 25 years or more. The energy sector is in flux and there are great uncertainties about the future and how supply will be made. With solar, you know what you have available and can build from there. Your costs on most of your energy are fixed at zero for the long-term. As energy prices increase elsewhere, yours will not, or at least not by as much. This may even be VITAL in the future!
  • Depending on how your building is used, it could reduce electricity costs to zero for you and your tenant, meaning you can charge more for rent/leases in the long term with an assurance of a free electricity supply.
  • No upfront costs when you work with ACE.
  • In the future, solar on buildings will be ‘normal’ and be seen to increase value of buildings. Whilst ‘renting rooftops’ has unproven value at domestic level, commercial and community buildings benefit more from their desirability to tenants and purchasers.
  • If you run a business from your building/s, then you will benefit from significantly lowered operating costs for your business. This of course increases your competitiveness in the market, allowing you to offer lower pricing on jobs and potentially gain new business.
  • Installing rooftop solar shows you are an innovative and forward-thinking business. This is attractive to funders and investors AND for Business-To-Business type trade.

From an economic perspective, the benefits outweigh the risks exponentially. 

The Social & Environmental Benefits

Installing rooftop solar has myriad ecological and social benefits that should add to the attraction provided by cheap energy.

Ecological and Environmental Reasons include:-

  • Reduces your Carbon Footprint and that of the community in general
  • Reduces local and national dependence on fossil fuels, largely imported at great distance and detracting from national energy security.
  • Reduces energy wastage which occurs in large quantities during transmission through the National Grid
  • Reduces Air Pollution caused by burning of Fossil Fuels
  • Reduces the depletion of Natural Resources for future generations

Lets move on to what we shall call reasons of ‘Social Responsibility’:

Installing Community-Supported Solar means:-

  • Fulfilment of Corporate Social Responsibility requirements
  • Makes a positive contribution to the local community : Increase energy security and availability
  • Solar installations across rooftops will eventually lead to reduced energy prices for all
  • You are a much more attractive proposition for community-based customers. They have an incentive to support your business/property and keep it afloat. They see you are a committed and supportive part of the Community and that will certainly be reflected in local customer loyalty and support.
  • Working with a Community Energy Scheme guarantees significant local and national press coverage and a great deal of useful PR for your business and properties. Look at the National Press Coverage for Bath and Wedmore.
  • Raises awareness of your business, especially locally
  • You can trust that the process will be transparent due to the large number of stakeholders involved and the more altruistic aims.
  • Private solar companies are at risk of going bust and disappearing if there business model is poor. How can you be sure they will last 25 years and fulfil their commitments? A Community Cooperative is answerable to its members/shareholders/investors and cannot hide!
  • Solar Panels, to many, improve the look of many Industrial and Commercial buildings which in turn improves the attractiveness of the whole community and locale for investors and those seeking to move in.

So again, the benefits of solar are huge, both for you and for the wider community if you choose to work with a local energy Cooperative.

How much can I generate? How much can I save and earn?

  • This depends on the size of your rooftop. Returns are always better on larger developments, both in terms of energy and money.
  • It also depends on the energy use of your business/property. Those that will benefit most are those who use the biggest proportion of their energy in daytime hours. Some changes to normal workflow may need to be considered to get the most benefit.
  • You will need to ask:-
  • Can we tailor our working systems, technologies and business to make further energy savings and maximise value on this investment?
  • We can help show you some local examples of rooftop solar in action and the levels of energy generated and savings made.
  • The ACE funding model means the vast majority of financial returns are received by Co-op Investors. You are, of course, welcome to become one and benefit from the returns as well as the energy generated.


  • Installation is quick and easy, taking a maximum of two to three weeks with minimal disruption to your business or other activities in the building.
  • We will work with you, the building owner, to minimise disruption to your work flows
  • All equipment is insured with a guarantee on maintenance over 25 years, though there should be little needed. Broken panels will be replaced to ensure your electricity supply is secured.
  • If roof needs maintenance, ACE will provide expert assistance in removing any solar panels needing to be taken down in order for the maintenance to occur.
  • We provide all the expert help you need to get this off the ground and keep it running so it does not even need to take up much management time from your business (if you have one) or from your other activities.

Why now?

In an ever-changing market with rapidly evolving technology, why choose rooftop solar now?

  • Feed-In Tariffs are currently at a level where Community Groups and Private Companies can offer free panels. However, this is likely to change over the course of the next 5 to 10 years, and the model may not be available in the future at all. If you do it now, the Feed-In Tariff is fixed meaning so will your energy costs be.
  • Energy is not getting any cheaper and prices could shift dramatically in years to come.
  • Ecological need for the Planet and our Species is now.
  • Why delay the benefits you will receive from good publicity, local community support and, of course, free energy!?

More than anything, right this moment you have an asset sitting there waiting to be used, an asset that can begin saving you money now and bring you new business and standing in the Community. Why would you not do it NOW?

For a more detailed explanation of how rooftop solar arrangements work when you partner with ACE, please see the FAQ Page.

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  1. I can’t find your business plan, consequently I am confused as to how anyone can join, as you state that those joining must support the plan.

    Surely the plan should be accessible from the home page.

    Additionally you appear to have a “defined plan” whereas a more flexible plan may be more appropriate, leaving you fleet of foot and more able to seize opportunities

    Regards Mark

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